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The Couple Checkup section below is secure. Personal and financial information is protected.

Questions or problems taking the Checkup? Call 1-800-331-1661.

Why Take the Couple Checkup?

  • The profile is built into Ron's books The Smart Stepfamily Marriage (with David Olson) and Dating and the Single Parent.
  • It is designed on a strengths model and helps you identify your couple strengths and build on them. Strength builds more strength.
  • A 16-20 page computerized report identifying your couple strengths is immediately emailed to you after both partners complete the inventory.
  • The assessment consists of 20-25 relational content areas that have been found to be significant for couples, is founded on 25 years of research, and is based on the PREPARE/ENRICH inventory that has been taken by millions of couples worldwide.
  • It tailors questions for dating, engaged, married, or blended family couples.
  • It helps you know your partner better. When couples try to predict their spouse’s responses they are wrong 75% of the time. This process helps you really understand one another.
  • Early detection. Many couples discover small issues in their relationship they were unaware of. The small “cancer” can then be addressed and prevented from growing.
  • It is Personal (you don’t need to talk to a therapist or educator)... Private (take it in the privacy of your home or office)… Anonymous (no one knows your results except you)… and Practical (offers practical guidance for strengthening your relationship).

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