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At the intersection of Biblical principles for marriage, social science, and edutainment (“education designed to entertain and amuse”) is a dynamic and practical marriage education event. The Empowered to Love Conference is designed to inspire, educate, and encourage couples in all seasons of life (pre-marriage, marriage, and blended family marriage) toward greater intimacy and stability. 

This cutting-edge training event teaches couples:

  • how to operationalize the Biblical quality of humility in their everyday lives
  • to map their current painful relationship dance and replace it with one rooted in love that fosters peace and emotional safety
  • how to transform their marital interactions from fear-based to grace-based

Topics include:

  • What empowers us to love the way we want to love? 
  • The pride/humility dynamic in marriage
  • The relationship between fear/pain and behavior in marriage (Pain Cycle)
  • How the Humility Shift fosters emotional safety
  • The fire triangle and conflict in marriage
  • Creating a Peace Cycle in marriage
  • Fostering healthy sexuality in marriage (one of Ron's most popular presentations)


"This material has made a significant difference in my own marriage and I've seen it change lives

in the marital intensive therapy I do with couples.

If you want more for your marriage,

I encourage you to be part of this practical and life-changing seminar." -- Ron Deal


Typical Schedule:

Friday Night: 7:00—9:00 PM
6:00 pm    Check-in begins
7:00—9:00 pm         Empowered to Love: Christ’s Humility for Your Marriage


Saturday: 9:00—1:00 PM
9:00—10:30 am       Empowered to Love principles & Healthy Communication
10:30—10:45 am     Break
10:45—11:45 am     Managing Conflict in Marriage & Closing Admonitions
11:45—12:00 pm     Break
12:00—1:00 pm       Passionate Sexuality (optional bonus session on marital sexuality; highly rated!)


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