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"Our time with you was worth every penny. While I know we are going to have set backs and stumble along the way, we both have found a hope for our marriage and our future together that was not there before our time with you. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts."

-- feedback from Doug

"My husband and I are doing fantastic!! And I am not exaggerating. We have reached a great place in our marriage. I am so thankful that we stuck it out and sought you out as a counselor. We fight less, have short recovery time, and have so many great and enjoyable moments together. I am amazed that we are at such a great place in our relationship. We are so thankful because it hasn’t always been like this. We have had to fight to get here, and I am so glad we did!"

-- feedback from an intensive couple

Ron Deal offers intensive marital therapy for couples in crisis; it's personal care from one of the most respected marriage experts in the country. Intensives are available for individual couples only (group intensives are not available at this time). The cost for the 3-day intensive is $7000 (includes three nights in hotel, breakfast, and lunch meals). Travel to/from Little Rock and dinner meals is an additional expense.

When should we consider an intensive?

Many times outpatient therapy (usually one hour at a time) is very helpful to couples. However, when the relationship is not improving or the urgent nature of the marital crisis does not allow for therapy over time, an intensive may be the best option. This is not a “private conference” or a pre-determined workshop. This is Christ-centered marital therapy that is tailored to your family context, marital history, and dynamics. (Please note that this is not part of the ministry of FamilyLife, but is offered through Smart Stepfamilies.)

How does it work?

Therapy will be conducted over three days, usually in a hotel conference room in Little Rock. The unique setting and the amount of time spent addressing issues creates an opportunity for healing and growth to occur more quickly. Ron and other professionals have been utilizing this format for therapy for over a decade and have seen significant success (although no one can guarantee the outcome for your situation).

What about after-care?

Arkansas law prevents Ron from doing interstate follow-up sessions. Some couples will want to continue working through issues with a local therapist or coach; Ron will discuss follow-up options with you and is happy to consult with the person of your choosing and provide an overview of your treatment.

How do I find out more or make arrangements for an intensive?

Intensives are offered when Ron's schedule allows. To inquire about open dates:

  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and briefly share about your situation.
  • Ron will reply some initial questions to help you and him determine if an intensive is right for you.
  • Assuming you both feel confident about the intensive model for your situation, scheduling options will then be explored.


Intensive costs include therapy, 3-nights lodging in a hotel, breakfast, and lunch meals. Clients are responsible for transportation to and from Little Rock and dinner meals.

  • Make payment by check.
  • Half of the fee is due after scheduling, the other half due once the intensive begins.
  • Cancellations are charged a $250 administration fee plus any hotel expenses incurred, but the balance will be returned by check.

NOTE: Intensives are offered as part of Ron's personal ministry and are not sponsored by FamilyLife.

"Ron Deal is the real deal! Ron has changed my life, my family, and our church forever. As both a Senior Pastor and a stepparent I have found his materials invaluable and his insights profound. Navigating step-family life is a delicate process, the competing allegiances in even the best stepfamilies can be so very confounding, but Ron’s biblical wisdom goes a long way to minimizing unnecessary collisions and unnecessary pain. If you are in a stepfamily, like I am, do whatever it takes to get Ron’s material and to attend his seminars, I promise you it is worth it."

Rob Bugh, Senior Pastor Wheaton Bible Church, Chicago, IL

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"While Ron's books are very good, he is even better in person!" - Mary, California