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“This has been THE BEST, most hands-on, practical, raw, and healing teaching that we have had in all our years of attending cruises, marriage conferences, classes, etc. Ron & Nan Deal were amazing, real, and transparent along with providing the practical steps for us to walk out this teaching in our life. We are in awe of the way they have allowed God to turn their mess into an incredible message and cannot wait to have it in a form to use to help others.”

– FamilyLife sponsored event participant 

"Ron & Nan Deal’s seminar allowed my husband and I to get to heart level pain/fear and gave us practical tracks to run on to humble ourselves and extend grace to each other. I related with their story SO MUCH. Their seminar was the BEST thing FamilyLife has ever offered. Completely scripturally supported and 100% getting to the bottom heart-level transformational place where the Holy Spirit can make us new and really move."

-- Marriage Cruise Attendee


In February 2022 Ron & Nan Deal's Empowered to Love Marriage Conference™ was the talk of the FamilyLife marriage cruise. In 2023, an entire SanDestin Resort getaway was organized by FamilyLife around this seminar. And now, you can bring the Empowered to Love marriage conference to your church and community. 




At the intersection of Biblical principles for marriage, social science, and edutainment (“education designed to entertain and amuse”) is this dynamic and practical marriage seminar. The Empowered to Love Marriage Conference™ is designed to inspire, educate, and encourage couples in all seasons of life (pre-marriage, marriage, and blended family marriage) toward greater intimacy and stability. 

This cutting-edge training event teaches couples:

  • how to operationalize the Biblical quality of humility in their everyday lives
  • to map their current painful relationship dance and replace it with one rooted in love that fosters peace and emotional safety
  • how to transform their marital interactions from fear-based to grace-based

Topics include:

  • What empowers us to love the way we want to love? 
  • The pride/humility dynamic in marriage
  • The relationship between pain and behavior in marriage (Pain Cycle)
  • How the Humility Shift fosters emotional safety (Peace Cycle)
  • Fostering healthy sexuality in marriage



"This material from our friends Sharon & Terry Hargrave has made a significant difference in our own marriage and I've seen it change lives in the marital intensive therapy I do with couples.

If you want more for your marriage, I encourage you to be part of this practical and life-changing seminar." -- Ron Deal



Speakers: Ron & Nan Deal 

Typical Schedule: 

Friday Night: 7:00—9:00 PM
6:00 pm    Check-in begins
7:00—9:00 pm         Empowered to Love: Christ’s Humility for Your Marriage


Saturday: 9:00—1:00 PM
9:00—10:30 am       Putting on Humility (in how we communicate)
10:30—10:45 am     Break
10:45—11:45 am     Humility in Conflict 
11:45—12:00 pm     Break
12:00—1:00 pm       From Old to New: Healing Journey Insights 


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As featured by FamilyLife

Empowered to Love - Destin

Empowered to Love - Destin

Empowered to Love - Destin

"Heart-wrenching, deep thinking, eye-opening, awakening, soul searching, loving, fun, exciting, engaging, new content, POWERFUL.”

"We were Stuck in the pain cycle badly. Each blamed the other for the hurt, not seeing our own baggage and certainly not seeing or empathizing with the pain the other was living and reacting out of. We had a small conflict near the end of the event that allowed us to step into the new process and it was a great change for both of us. We are so grateful. Glory to God!”

"Amazing impact. Great material and we want to implement it at our local church. But it impacted me personally addressing the inadequate mode I go into. I feel so much peace leaving the conference. God bless you all.”

"It allowed us to talk about tools to improve our marriage and our walk with Christ that we normally put off or just don't have time for.”

"The content really opened our eyes to the power and effect of humility in not only our marriage but also in other relationships and areas of our lives. We realize that we need to give control to God and trust He knows what's best in EVERY situation.”

“Very positive. It helped us both realize that we can react differently and have a lot of common feelings, but we now have coping strategies too. This topic and way of teaching were perfect for us. Thank you!”

“I feel like the 4-step Humility Shift will be a game-changer for our marriage. We have a place to start in dealing with things that keep getting us stuck in the same patterns. I think this will help me a lot in my work relationships as well. Thank you, Ron and Nan, for being so real with us.”

“I was finally able to understand why I respond the way I do. My wife and I now feel like we have figuratively diagnosed our pains and coping patterns. Now we can put on humility to receive grace. We were even able to use the "new self/peace cycle" immediately during a disagreement during our trip. Our marriage is stronger from these sessions.”

“It gave us a better perspective on how our family backgrounds and experiences affect our interactions with one another. The concepts presented were life-changing! We always hear about how the baggage we bring into our marriage affects the relationship, but there is very little presented on how to overcome the challenges that our baggage presents. This seminar gave us the tools to be successful. Thank you to Ron and Nan for sharing openly about the challenges that they had in their relationship. It gives hope to other couples who are struggling with challenges in their marriage.”